Supergirl Pilot Leaked Early


What with this being the age of piracy and torrenting, it shouldn’t surprise people that shows and movies are getting leaked ahead of their official. Just last year, the pilot for another DC show, Constantine, was leaked online a full four months ahead of its intended release. Now, the newest DC show has decided to one up that leak, dropping half a year before its scheduled premiere.

Variety is reporting that the pilot episode of the upcoming CBS show Supergirl has been leaked to torrents this week, six months head of its November 2015 premiere date. The episode was leaked early on Friday, May 22nd, and is available in up to 1080p resolution. According to piracy-tracking firm Excipio, the episode was downloaded almost 200,000 times within six and a half hours of the initial uploading.

CBS has declined to comment on the matter, but assuming this hasn’t messed things up too much, Supergirl is still set to premiere on the network this fall.

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