Gatchaman Crowds Insight Premiering July 5


On the site for Gatchaman Crowds Insightit was revealed that the series would be airing at 25:55 on July 5, on Nihon TV. New to the cast are Kaori Ishihara and Kana Hanazawa, portraying Tsubasa Misudachi/G-60 and Gel Sadra, respectively. For those unsure of the gravity of that reveal, they just said one of the classic series villains (Gel Sadra) will be in this season. Another addition to the cast is Yuichiro Umehara, who will play Rizumu Suzuki, the head of a shadowy group that perceives the Gatchaman as dangerous.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight is a sequel to the 2013 series, Gatchaman Crowds, which itself is a reboot of the series Science Team Ninja Gatchaman, that aired for a long stretch, starting in the late 70s. The show was one of the first anime that got western exposure and serves as a template for most sentai shows to follow: 5 young people have x-themed costumes given to them by something to fight evil, occasionally in x-themed vehicles that combine into a giant one. In this case, x=birds.

Source: Official Site, via Crunchyroll

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