6 Comments on Comics 2 – Fucking Ghosts

  1. Shacks

    I understand that it is only The Ultimate Spider-Man, but it is still stupid to me that they killed him off simply to make a new one. Unless there is something else there that I am missing, which would not surprise me seeing I haven’t read any of the comics.

  2. Shacks

    The new 52 is confusing to me. I thought they were made as if the DC universe never existed before these new comic books, but then Bowie was saying Sinestro is a Green Lantern again?

    Also, the new Spider-Man is completely ridiculous. Peter Parker gets killed off and conveniently this new kid gets bit by a spider and gets powers from it. What was the whole reason of doing that?

    Great show guys!

    • homme.d.araignee

      the continuity is definitely a little shaky right now, but DC has confirmed that many key points in the history of the multiverse will be maintained. As for Spider-Man, it’s just the ultimate universe Peter Parker who’s been killed off. The Amazing Spider-Man will still be Peter Parker, as far as I know.

      Thanks, it was definitely a lot of fun!

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