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E3 2015: Nintendo Announces Star Fox Zero

To kick off their E3 event, Nintendo has announced a new Star Fox game called Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. Also puppets.

Star Fox Zero returns to classic Star Fox gameplay, with on rails combat in the Arwing, but it also introduces more open areas that work with the new vehicles and modes of the Arwing. The Arwing will be able to turn into a Walker for ground based combat. This was supposed to be a feature in Star Fox 2, but that game never came out. They also showed off the Landmaster, a flying tank, and the Gyrowing, a little drone.

Since this game is on the Wii U, the gamepad will factor into gameplay. You’ll be able to hold up the gamepad and use it to fly and shoot in first person.

Star Fox Zero is coming to the Wii U this holiday season.

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