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Batman Arkham Knight Sales Suspended on PC


In a wholly unique move, Warner Bros. Games has pulled the PC version of the latest Batman game from retail in order to address lackluster graphics glitches and sub-par performance.

As many are aware, the PC port of the game is riddled (hehehe) with graphical and performance issues that leave the game looking and playing inferiorly, specifically when compared to the console versions.

In this day and age, consoles are pushing the limits like never before, often challenging PC titles in visual performance. But never to this extent, and that’s what has people pissed. What happened with Arkham Knight was obviously outside of the range of what would be considered “reasonable” and the gamers have spoken. Innumerable users have requested refunds and Warner Bros. made the incredible move to pull the title off the market until these issues can be properly addressed.

One take on the issue I align with is that perhaps the publisher put too much emphasis on syncing the PC and console releases, instead of allotting extra time to ensure the PC version met expectations, using Rockstar’s GTAV PC release as an example of the right way to handle a PC port…

Look forward to waiting a while if you planned to be the Dark Knight on PC; the anticipated re-release is only vaguely listed as “Fall 2015” now… How ‘bout that PS4/Xbone now?

Source: BleedingCool

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