DC Announces Eight New Miniseries Reintroducing Old Favorites


DC recently has announced that they will be reintroducing some of their older characters to newer audiences early 2016, with eight new six-issue miniseries focused on these characters along with some of the original creators who are best known for having worked on them. The list of favorites being written by past creators were a Swamp Thing and Metal Men book by Len Wein,  Raven from the New Teen Titans by George Perez, Firestorm by Gerry Conway, and Katana: Cult Of The Cobra by Mike W. Barr.  Some of the newer creator choices made were a Metamorpho book written by Aaron Lopresti (New 52: Future’s End) , Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death by Amy Chu (Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman), and Keith Giffen’s re-imagining of Sugar and Spike, which will be a grown up spin on a 50’s comic book DC published about a couple of toddlers. DC’s editor in chief and senior vice president of editorial, Bob Harras had this to say of the announcement…

By bringing them on to their own special limited series, we’re really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters.

Dan Didio had this to add…

Their task was to “freshen up and contemporize.” We want the best writers working on our characters, and these are the best writers for these characters.

So with all this being said I can’t say I am personally excited for any of this in particular, I might check out the Swamp Thing series since I’m a fan of that character. Sadly I’m not even  sure that Len Wein, the co-creator of Swamp Thing, is a name that will excite many fans familiar with the New 52 version, and I assume that this will be a continuation of his version of the character, which he came back to write during the Swamp Thing Convergence tie-in .

As always I’m confused with some of the choices being made here by DC and who these announcements are geared towards. At the same time they are trying to promote the DC YOU books with fresh new takes on characters and creative teams, they continue to keep older creators around in an attempt to make new fans interested in their older properties and see what sticks. I have no problem in seeing these books succeed, but other then getting some of the older DC fans to stick around by doing so, I just don’t see the point as they’ve kept failing from having these books cancelled.

Source: USAToday

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