Grant Morrison Announces Multiverisity Too Graphic Novels


During Grant Morrison’s panel Multiversity and Beyond at San Diego Comic Con, he announced his plans to continue stories featuring characters from the different multiple earths introduced in The Multiveristy series and the Multiversity Guidebook, in a line of graphic novels which will be entitled Multiversity Too. The series begins in 2016 with Multiversity Too: The Flash. Details have not yet been revealed as to which of the many Earths this Flash will come from, along with which other characters will be featured in these new stories, only that everything is up for grabs.

Morrison also revealed early plans for him to write some new Batman stories for the Batman: Black and White anthology series, while working with some of the best artists in the comics industry out right now.

I’m not sure how long all of these new projects are going to take to come to fruition given Morrison’s track record with often being late on release datesbut I am very excited to get any new Grant Morrison related projects. It seems he is one of the very few people whose work isn’t very editorially driven by DC, as he’s been given free reign to tell the inventive stories he’s come up with within his own universe of the Multiversity.

Source: ComicList

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