Disney Announces Jack and the Beanstalk Animated Movie, Gigantic


At this year’s D23 expo, the biennial Disney thing where they show off their upcoming movies among other things, chief creative officer John Lasseter announced that Disney is currently working on an animated adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Called Gigantic, the movie is going to be directed by Tangled‘s Nathan Greno with music done by Frozen’s  Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. While speaking to the crowd at the expo, Greno talked about taking the original and needing “to mix in a lot of twists and turns.” He also revealed the movie will be set in Spain, saying…

Spain had this Age of Discovery — this age of exploration. If you look at a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ story, that’s kind of what happens there, too. What if we set the film during the Age of Discovery, and have Jack go up the beanstalk and make the greatest discovery of all time?

One of the leads of the film, a young giant girl who Jack meets up the beanstalk, is actually based on a girl the creative team met in Spain while researching for the movie. The main antagonists of the film will be the “storm giants,” one of the different cultures of giants that will be found in this movie.

The Lopezes also took the stage to talk about their contributions to the film and to play a song they had written. It’s about the little giant girl playing with Jack like a toy, with a refrain of, “I Love You, Little Man.”

Gigantic is currently scheduled for release in 2018, if the internet is to be believed.

Source: Spinoff

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