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Cliffy B’s New Mystery Game to be Called LawBreakers; Reveal Trailer in the Wild

The Gears of War franchise maestro Cliff Bleszinski’s first new project since splitting off to start his own game studio was teased in recent weeks, and now has an official reveal trailer and title.

LawBreakers will be an arena combat shooter that takes place on a futuristic Earth ravaged by a global gravitational disaster. The moon was exploded at some point and the planet was shattered and left in shambles, now gangs of the world have joined forces to create the “breakers”, a super gang of technologically-enhanced drug dealers and murderers.

Few other details are public knowledge as of now, but gameplay footage is set to be released Friday at 9am ET, and a playable demo will be lurking in Seattle this weekend. The gameplay will feature gravity-based mechanics, but is also being described as service with content support promised long after launch.

Look forward to more very soon! Like, right now!

Source: YouTubevia Escapist

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