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The Hidden Costs of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One


Mad Catz has announced a few bittersweet details for fans of the Rock Band series… First, for those Xbone fans out there looking forward to using their existing peripherals from the 360 edition will have to shell out an additional $20 for a packed-in wireless adapter.

This is due to a wireless protocol that was used on the 360, that was subsequently changed on the Xbone. This same issue does not affect the PS4 version of the game, that instead sells for the usual $60. This additional cost does not apply to the bundles that include instruments.

Additionally, Harmonix and Mad Cats have provided a cross-reference list to help potential buyers study up on which existing peripherals they will be able to use. Hopefully this is the last of the surprises!

Source: Mad Catz, via Dtoid

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