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Pokkén Tournament Headed for Wii U in 2016

The surprise Pokémon arcade fighting game that came out in Japan not long ago has also been announced as a Wii U console exclusive due for release in Spring 2016.

The game is a 1v1 arena fighter with full range 3D combat and 8 different popular Pokémon combatants to choose from including a dang Pikachu dressed up like a luchadore! There’s another handful of Pokémon that are selectable as support characters a la Marvel vs. Capcom (the first one!). The Japanese arcade edition includes the main single or local multiplayer, a tutorial mode, and even online multiplayer that connects to other arcades in Japan.

In the US however, Dave and Buster’s will be launching a test program by installing a few machines in various D&B locations – so you might be able to get a taste of the sweet action yourself before the Wii U version launches next year!

Source: BusinessWire, via ANN

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