Bakuman. Getting 2 Prequel Chapters This Month


The manga may have finished its run three years ago, but that doesn’t mean Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba are done with it.

ANN is reporting that Obata and Ohba will be publishing two prequel chapters to their manga about manga, starting in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump which goes on sale September 21st. Called Bakuman. age 13, the chapters will be set before Saiko and Shujin, the main characters of the series, met each other and became the mangaka Ashirogi Muto.

The first chapter will be 23 pages long and include a center color page.

The first chapter will be debuting in both the Japanese and English versions of the magazine, meaning English fans will be able to get the chapter the same day as they do in Japan. You can get your copy of the issue through Viz Media.

It was also announced that Shueisha, the company the publishes Shonen Jump, is releasing a novel based on PCP, the third manga created by Ashirogi Muto in Bakuman. The novel will be credited to Ashirogi Muto and Sei Hatsuno, a mystery writer known for the HaruChika mystery series. The novel will be published in the JUMP j BOOKS imprint on October 2nd.

Source: ANN, and ANN

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