Mary Jane Watson Joining Iron Man


Mary Jane has been a mainstay of the Spider-Man books for decades. Even after she and Peter sold their marriage to the Devil, she still stuck around. But after the Superior Spider-Man incident, she decided to go out on her own and live her own life. And apparently that life involves Tony Stark.

Marvel has announced that, starting in the 4th issue of the new Invincible Iron Man book, MJ would be joining Tony at Stark Industries in what Marvel describes as “an unexpected new role.” Invincible Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis was eager to add MJ to the new book, saying…

We were at one of our glorious Marvel publishing retreats and certain characters got brought up, sometimes almost accidentally, and I found out that nobody had anything going on with Mary Jane. I sat with that for a while and I always go to this place in my head where I [wonder] what the most interesting thing I would like to see that character do now and it fell right into the ideas I was already cooking for Tony Stark.

Bendis didn’t want to go too much into what their new relationship will be. From the time when Peter, MJ, and Aunt May lived in Avengers Tower, the two do know each other and have some history together, but Bendis says “that it is new territory for both Tony and Mary Jane.” So I guess we’ll see what that means.

Invincible Iron Man #1 from Bendis and artist David Marquez launches this October, with Mary Jane joining in issue #4 on sale in December.

Source: Marvel

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