New Creative Team Announced For Captain Marvel Post Secret Wars


With the news of Kelly Sue Deconnick leaving Captain Marvel, fans of the series were waiting to hear what plans were for the title post Secret Wars. Last weekend at a panel at Long Beach Comic Con, Marvel announced new writers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (currently show runners on Agent Carter), along with Kris Anka on art, will be taking over the book and taking Carol Danvers in a new direction. Carol will become Earth’s first line of defense while completing missions in a space station above earth, with Alpha Flight also involved in some capacity, as the writers couldn’t say much on the details of their involvement at this point. Another character that will be making an appearance in the series will be Abigail Brand, writer Michel Fazekas had this to say of the news …

She, right now, is an interesting foil for Carol. They’re two very strong, confident women who are not necessarily on the same page when they first meet. Carol is learning that she’s on a space station, she’s in charge, and she can’t always be punching people in the face — even if she desperately wants to, Abigail will keep her in line. Carol and Abigail start from two different points of view. They are not buddies, but by the end, they develop a mutual respect for each other.

The announcement of the change in story direction for Carol, also came with the news of a brand new look for her as well, artist on the series Kris Anka had this to say of her new look…

I cut her hair. When Sana [Amanat, Captain Marvel editor] called me, the first thing we talked about was the new costume and a haircut.

Along with the announcement of her hair style changing Kris Anka also added that she will no longer have a helmet…

There is no more helmet. The helmet makes no sense anymore [since] she can breathe in space. Since Carol’s not hiding her face and identity, and the helmet’s not going to protect her from anything, from a functionality standpoint, it’s simply not necessary.

I can certainly appreciate a new creative team trying to take a chance by bringing their own take on a character, especially after having to follow Kelly Sue’s popular run on the book. Although this could prove to be a difficult transition of trying not to change to many of the aspects of the character that made her so popular in the first place, we will have to see how things pan out for them and I look forward to seeing the outcome.

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