DC Announces 5 Titles To End In December


DC recently announced that 5 more series will be coming to their conclusions this December, as they continue the cancellations of less popular or lower selling titles within their company. The titles included in the announcement were Justice League United, Lobo, Gotham By Midnight, Doomed, and at the time of the original announcement Omega Men, which since then and as of the time this article was written, has been given the chance to continue with its planned run of 12 issues, which DC had originally planned for the title. The book was saved due to a public outcry on the internet amongst fans of the book, and the series up and coming writer Tom King. The announcement was made on Twitter by Jim Lee, in conversation with a fan regarding the cancellation news, which Dan Didio then confirmed…

Upon hearing this news I can’t say that I’m surprised at this point, given DC’s track record with cancelling some of their more ambitious titles over the past few years. Out of these particular books I, for one, was enjoying Gotham By Midnight, along with Justice League United, with the addition of new writer Jeff Parker after Jeff Lemire’s departure on the title. I also admittedly was not someone who picked up Omega Men when the book launched, but since then have got caught up prior to this announcement and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far, so was excited to learn that the fans were able to sway the vote with DC on cancelling the book. Look forward to more new DC titles to be announced in the coming months in light of these cancellations.

Source: CBR

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