Justice League 3001 Will Become An All-Female Team In 2016


DC has announced that the team currently in Justice League 3001 will be changing to an all-female line up in 2016. The team will consist of characters like Supergirl, and brand new characters like the female flash, who have become regular characters within the series over the last couple of years. While speaking to Newsarama Keith Giffen had this to say of the announcement…

It’s not because I decided I wanted to write all females. It’s not there to say, ‘Oh look, we’ve got an all-female team!’ Who cares? It’s just the way it shook out.

He also had this to add regarding the future of the book…

There are some big things coming up in the next couple issues. Between now and #8, we’re going to do some real damage. We’re going to shake the book up a bit. Some of the characters just seemed more interesting or more appropriate for the kind of stories we’re trying to tell. It’s not going to be all new characters. There will be characters you know, and there will be characters that were in the book before, heroes that you were aware of, heroes that were actually in the League. But it won’t be the same Justice League 3001. We’re going to definitely move it up to the next level.

Justice League 3001 has continually been a fun book, even prior to the title switch from Justice League 3000. I look forward to the new direction that they have announced here, and am actually surprised that it has taken them this long to form an all-female Justice League team regardless of the reasoning behind it.

Source: Nrama

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