This Month, Let’s Watch Wes Craven Movies


On August 30th, 2015, horror maestro Wes Craven passed away at the age of 76. With a career spanning more than four decades, Craven is a legend to horror fans and a household name to everyone else. In honor of his passing, we decided the most appropriate thing for us to do would be to watch his movies and make bad jokes over them.

While Wes Craven was most known for his directing, he also wrote and produced dozens of movies. When coming up with our list, we decided to only pick movies that he either wrote or directed. This way the movies will actually be by Wes Craven and not just involve him. You can find our full schedule below, as always. Please to enjoy.

  • October 2nd – Scream
  • October 9th – A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • October 16th – The Serpent and the Rainbow
  • October 23rd – My Soul to Take
  • October 30th – Swamp Thing

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