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PS Vita: Sony First Party Dev Support Dropped


In a statement that almost doesn’t even need to be made, Sony has officially announced that they have no first party studios working on PS Vita games.

The market for mobile-oriented games and the extensive installation base of the PS4 have made large investments (i.e. AAA titles) a very unattractive proposition.  Sony is instead relying on their 3rd party developers that have provided a lot of the meat on the Vita’s bones. Games like Minecraft, a million JRPGs, and new console colors are now the best prospects for moving more units and getting in to the hands of the younger demographic that values portability the most now.

It’s also been stated that a hardware successor is not in the cards since mobile gaming is such a huge competitor.

Hopefully this doesn’t signal the end of the Vita and the 3rd party market really does keep the engine running. I, for one, still use my Vita at least once a week, though matching the trend, to play mostly downloadable small-scale games and PSOne classics. As long as they keep them coming, I’ll be a happy camper!

Source: VG247

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