Marvel Announces Civil War 2



Marvel has recently announced their new event that follows Secret Wars will be Civil War 2. The original Civil War was written by Mark Millar, but this time will have Brian Michael Bendis taking over the writing duties, with David Marquez on art, the current team on Invincible Iron Man. The release date of the first issue has yet to be announced, although chances are it will be in May to coincide with release of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Captain America: Civil War, which plot is based off of the original Civil War.

Although Marvel considers Civil War to be their most successful event ever, and with the upcoming movie looking great so far from what we’ve seen, I can’t say that I am overly excited for this announcement, despite me being a fan of the creative team. I’m somewhat feeling event fatigue coming off of the almost year long Secret Wars, and following that up with another event that Marvel is redoing instead of coming up with a new idea isn’t exactly what I’m personally looking for as a reader. I’m sure as we reach closer to the release we will find out more details on what this new Civil War event will entail and what readers will have to look forward to this time around.


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