Adam Warren’s Empowered Series to be Released Serialized Online for Free


If you have never read comic creator Adam Warren’s great Empowered series, well now’s your chance to be able to check out the first volume online for free at the Empowered website, along with additional commentary by Adam and more volumes to come. Here is a statement by Adam Warren describing the new deal to serialize the comic online…

The online series, hosted by the fine folks at the creator-owned webcomic digital studio and publisher Hiveworks, kicks off with an at-launch archive of the first 108 pages or so of Empowered vol. 1, which takes us up through the introduction of the “Big Four” main characters—Empowered herself, her ex-Witless-Minion boyfriend Thugboy, her hard-drinking BFF Ninjette, and (of course) the inimitable Caged Demonwolf. Note that every page of Empowered‘s online version features commentary on said page by yours truly, in an effort to give current readers of the series’ print version an incentive to check out the webcomic. Hope you enjoy that part, longtime readers! That is, I really hope you get something outta that, as I’ve spent many an hour cranking out said commentary. (That said, I’m promising to do commentary for all of vol. 1’s pages, at least; I’ll have to reevaluate the viability of the rather time-consuming commentary process we get into vol. 2.)

Empowered is a series which at first glance can be described as a cheesecake comic book which features female superheroes whose clothes rip to almost nothing during battle, and although it most definitely is like that, its also so much more. Given the current state of comics with the big two companies, many female characters have their own series which are empowering towards women and show how they can also be strong and independent super heroes. This type of book is one that features a much different tone and cast of characters,  yet I’ve found is still very well done and enjoyable and most importantly very, very funny. At the same time its a book that is able to make you connect with the main character who’s a woman who can be very vulnerable, emotionally weak, nervous, fragile, embarrassed and crippled by self doubt at times. So give it a try for free now, it possibly could be a very different comic book then your used to reading. 

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