This Month, Let’s Watch Die Hard Sequels


So in this past month, we finally got around to doing a Let’s Watch of the classic film Die Hard. During said Let’s Watch, it was brought up that we could probably get a lot more material for a Let’s Watch out of the Die Hard sequels. And what is a new year but the sequel to the previous one, so fuck it, Die Hard sequels.

Since the first Friday of the month is still during our break, we’re going to be posting the first Let’s Watch for Die Hard 2: Die Harder the same week as Die Hard With a Vengeance. Just earlier. How much earlier? No clue. The mostly full schedule is below, as always. Please to enjoy, and Happy New Year.

  • January ?th – Die Hard 2: Die Harder
  • January 8th – Die Hard With a Vengeance
  • January 15th – Live Free or Die Hard
  • January 22nd – A Good Day to Die Hard (the extended cut)
  • January 29th – White House Down (shut up, it’s close enough)

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