M. Night Shyamalan Rebooting Tales from the Crypt for TNT


I may have mentioned this a few times here and there on this website, but in case you didn’t know I love anthology series. Especially horror anthology. But in spite of that, I haven’t gotten around to Tales from the Crypt yet. It came out at a time when I was too young for it and on a network we didn’t get with our cable package. Now seems like the time to rectify this and watch the series, though. Just so I can know how to feel about this.

Deadline is reporting M. Night Shaman King, director of two good movies, is developing a brand new Tales from the Crypt series for TNT. The series will be part of a new two hour weekly block of programming featuring horror series starting this fall. The tales will be based on the original EC Comics stories, as well as some new stories. M. Night Shamisen will be producing the series alongside Ashwin Rajan from Binding Edge Pictures. James D. Stern, producer of Looper and some Tony Award winning Broadway shows, will be executive producing the show with John  Santilli and Dan McKinnon from Aloris Entertainment.

M. Night Shake It Off has been making a bit of a comeback over the last year. Wayward Pines, shitty ending notwithstanding, was actually pretty good, and his latest film, The Visit, wasn’t utterly destroyed by critics and fans alike like basically everything he’s done after Signs (which is still pretty shit). Maybe this new Tales from the Crypt will be great. Who knows? All we can do now is wait for the fall and have faith that M. Night Shacklebone (yes, that’s a word) can pull a good horror series out of his ass… I think we might be screwed.

Source: Deadline

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