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Fans Remaking Metal Gear Solid for PC [UPDATE]

[3/7/16: Yeah, it’s been cancelled]

Everyone once in a while, you see a project like this pop up. Some fans get together to try make an updated version of a classic game. Sometimes you get something like Black Mesa, a fan-made remake of the first Half-Life game, but more often the project gets shutdown by the rights holder or the people working on it just kind of stop. So what will happen to this fan-made remake of Metal Gear Solid?

Airam Hernandez, a fan of the MGS series, is leading an effort to remake the original Metal Gear Solid game for PC. Called Shadow Moses, the game is being built on Unreal Engine 4.

Hernandez is the lead on the project, with Dan Meadowcroft handling music. Ryan Dessert voiced the lines spoken in the trailer, and the Snake model being used was created by Alex G and Arthur Frederic.

Konami has publicly acknowledge the project, but whether that’s a good or bad thing is still up in the air.

If you’re interested in the project, you can follow it on Twitter (@ShadowMosesGame) and on Facebook (ShadowMosesUnreal).

Source: Kotaku

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