DC To Relaunch Entire Publishing Line This June

News has leaked stemming from rumors that DC plans on relaunching their entire line of books this June, similarly to how they did with the launch of the New 52 five years ago. This time around though, more than likely their lineup will include even more Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad related titles to more evenly match with their current film and/or TV show properties and books that seem to sell well for the company. Following the news leaks of their planned relaunch DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, ¬†both posted the same image on twitter that simply says “Rebirth”, basically hinting more at the fact that the rumors are indeed true. When DC was reached out for further response their reply was “No comment”.

Given the current state of DC comics, and what most fans would consider many failures since the launch of the New 52, an entire relaunch just might be what the publisher needs at this point to bring more interest to their books. Weather or not this time around the promise of new and exciting titles that actually stick around for awhile and don’t fall by the wayside due to editorial interference is yet to be seen, look forward to more details on this news to be released soon.

Source: ComicVine, BleedingCool

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