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New Battlefront DLC Details Leaked


EA has potentially spilled the beans (via GameStop) on the gory details of the first premium DLC for Battlefront: the Outer Rim pack! The pack was previously detailed in a press blast last month, but now further details have been clarified including the cost and contents.

The DLC pack will launch on April 5th and will cost $14.99 USD (or included in the season pass) and consist of:

  • 4 new maps on Tatooine and Sullust (including Jabba’s Palace)
  •  2 new “heroes” (Greedo and Nien Nunb)
  • New weapons (including the Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol)
  • New Star Cards (including the Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim)
  • New game mode: Extraction (similar bomb mode in Battlefield)

This news comes along with further commitment from DICE that additional free content will also trickle in to the main game for anyone not on the season pass train. Of course, none of the content plans to include anything from the new film…

Source: GameZonevia Gamespot

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