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LawBreakers Progress Report


Cliff Bleszinski and his Boss Key Productions team have revealed some surprising changes that have befallen LawBreakers since we last saw it…

Announced at the Game Developers Conference, one bombshell is the move away from Free-to-Play. Apparently they feel that some of the tactics and business models of F2P games are kind of sleazy, with Bleszinski saying…

A lot of core gamers have a negative reaction when they hear free-to-play because they think they’ll get ripped off.

He also opened with the million dollar question; “Is there a gray area between free-to-play and 60 dollars?” That’s a fine angle to work right there. There definitely is something massively appealing about a game that isn’t $60, but also isn’t bloated with lame DLC either.

The team doesn’t believe that core gamers are really that satisfied with most F2P options these days, and have chosen to focus on fewer, deeper classes instead of a broader spectrum of playables like some other releases.

Boss Key also announced that the game is now exclusive to Steam, in an effort to leverage the existing user base versus building a whole new one through an independent launcher like other F2Ps.

Along with these broad changes to the structure of the overall experience, a lot has changed in the visual style of the game as well. Existing character models have been tweaked to be grittier and less bright and fanciful. A new momentum has also developed for making the game a Mature-rated title as opposed to Teen as most of the others in the field like Battleborn and Overwatch.

The final price is still not public information, but the game can be added to Steam Wishlists now!

Source: Polygon

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