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PlayStation VR Pricing, Release Date, and Bundles Announced


Sony has finally detailed the final release details for what was Project Morpheus, now PlayStation VR. There will be a few different configurations available, but one stinger of in the news is some of the additional hardware requirements…

The headset with all of the necessary wires, external processors and whatnot, stereo headphones, and a PS VR demo disc will cost only $400 and will finally be available this October, BUT, PS VR also REQUIRES the PlayStation Camera to function… That’s another $40-60 on its own.

Beyond that, Sony also announced that there will be a pre-order bundle that will come with the PS VR core set, a PS Camera, two Move controllers, and a physical copy of PlayStation VR Worlds for $500. Those pre-orders open up March 22nd, followed by the Core opening on March 29th. Quantities will be limited, but more will be made available this summer ahead of the final release.

Start saving your lunch money, the future is now kiddies!

Source: PlayStation BlogKotakuDestructoid

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