Amazing Spider-Man Will Introduce Iron Jane In July


As part of the ongoing effort to make me stop reading the current Amazing Spider-Man book, Marvel has announced at the retailer breakfast at C2E2 that this July in Amazing Spider-Man #15,  readers will be introduced to Iron Jane. Who is Iron Jane you ask? Well, obviously it’s none other then Mary Jane Watson in her brand new Spider-Man suit, more than likely being supplied by her new boss and possible love interest Tony Stark, which has been a storyline recently started over in the current ongoing Iron Man series.

Not only that, though. Just wait, it gets worse! If you take a look at the Alex Ross cover image that was shown, it appears to be none other then the same colors and design of the horrible gold and yellow Spider-Man outfit that he wore during the original Civil War event. Anyways, although I am not personally a fan of this direction for the current storyline of these characters, I’m sure that someone will find some interest in it.

Source: BleedingCool

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