Comixology Launches Digital Subscription Service


Comics are getting kind of big nowadays, what with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as various comic TV shows. But comics are seen by many as this impenetrable mess of continuity and reboots and everything else the industry likes to do to try to keep these books interesting. Things may be a bit easier for new readers now, as Comixology, the largest digital comic distributor, has launched a new service.

Called Comixology Unlimited, this subscription service is being described by many as Netflix for comics. For $5.99 a month, you will get access to a huge back catalog of books. Instead of pulling from Marvel or DC, Comixology Unlimited pulls more from Image and Dark Horse with a wide selection of more independent books, including HellboyThe Walking Dead, and Umbrella Academy. It also includes some of the manga that Dark Horse publishes here in North America, including Attack on Titan.

The service will also have ways to help people find comics from creators or publishers they’ve never heard of, including recommendation tools, search filters, home page curation, and editorial guides. All of this will not change the regular Comixology site. You will still be able to purchase and download books from the big publishers and such, it’s just now if you see a new book that looks interesting, you might be able to read up on it before you decide to spend money on it.

One last thing, it’s only available in the US right now. They say they have plans to expand this service for international users, but no word on when that might be happening. If you do live in the US and want to learn more, you can go to

Source: EW

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