Bryan Cranston to Play Zordon in Saban’s Power Rangers Movie


If you’re new to the site or haven’t been paying very close attention, you might not know that around here, a bunch of us are huge fans of Power Rangers. And you also might not know that we aren’t all that excited about the new movie coming out. But with this announcement, some of us might end up seeing it after all.

Bryan Cranston, fan favorite actor, tweeted earlier today about his involvement in the upcoming reboot(?) film thing…

Zordon, for the uninitiated, is the mentor of the Rangers. He found the Power Coins that gave the Rangers their powers. Before that, he was at war with Rita Repulsa for centuries and was the one who trapped her and her minions in the dumpster on the moon. This all makes sense, I swear.

Cranston himself is no stranger to Power Rangers. He voiced a couple of monsters in the first season of the show, and was so loved among the crew that the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, was named after him.

Power Rangers is set for release on March 24th, 2017.

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  1. Birdy The Critic

    What is up with the cast quality of this film? I’m not saying I want bad actors, but you already have two major name talents playing the villain and the mentor character of a MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS movie! Yet the villain’s outfit is nothing like Rita Repulsa, the suits look like Alien Iron Man, and this movie has 5 different writers. I’m not sure if this movie will be good, but it is increasingly showing signs that if it fails, it will be a SPECTACULAR failure.

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