Civil War II Delayed Yet Again, This Time With a Tie-In, Too


Well, this comes as a non-surprise. Civil War II  has been delayed even further. With the 5th and 6th issues being pushed back a month each, people were worried that Civil War II was going to turn into another Secret Wars. Writer Brian Michael Bendis came out last month to talk about the reason for the delays, saying artist David Marquez just had a baby and that things would be getting back on track soon.

But now issue 7 has been pushed back from October 19 to November 30, issue 8 from November 11 to December 28, and Civil War: Oath (a fucking tie-in) from October 26 to December 28. And this is with issue 7 being shortened a bit and adding the new issue 8. What the hell is happening with this shit? Does Marvel have so many different books in the works at once that they can’t keep the one currently running on time?

Civil War II #5 is supposedly coming out on September 21, but I guess we’ll see about that.

Source: BleedingCool

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