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    • we decided to switch formats since a) Not all of us read or watch all the big 3, so during that bit it would turn into just one of us talking for like 20 minutes about something the others don’t really care about. Plus there is only so much you can say in the middle of a 12 chapter battle before you start repeating yourself. and b) we kept running into the same problem as we had on the comics podcast of me and bovie saying three things each and pudge taking half the show to talk about all his business. this way we can get everyone talking on equal footing with each series and we can personally expand our anime horizons.

      plus this way we can get people, like yourself, to suggest anime that you guys want us to talk about and do something with fan relations and what have you.

      • diz

        butt the new format when one of you do not like one of the anime or manga you don’t watch or read a enough of it to have a good discussion why not take one show an watching 12 episodes an do 30 mins of it an talk about what other anime an manga you have been watching an reading

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