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Neil Gaiman Making a Video Game

The Odd Gentlemen made a game back in 2010 called The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, which I really enjoyed. It had really interesting puzzles and mechanics and a great art style to it. Since then, I haven’t really heard much from them. They made some stuff but I never got around to playing any of it. But now their coming back with a huge name to help out their game.

Neil Gaiman, writer of The Sandman and American Gods, has announced that he is partnering up with The Odd Gentlemen for Wayward Manor. Inspired by films like Arsenic and Old Lace (fuck you, Marvel), in the game you play as a ghost haunting the halls of Wayward Manor. All you want is to spend you after-life in peace and quiet, but all these living assholes keep crashing your place. So you have to scare them out. Of the course of the story, which starts in the 1920s and spans decades, you will slowly start to uncover the mysteries surrounding your own death and the after-life.

The game is currently up for pre-order on, with a bunch of different pre-order packages with bonus stuff, including digital art books, t-shirts, a lithograph set drawn and signed by Eisner award winning artist Chuck BB, and even a dinner with Neil Gaiman himself at The Magic Castle in L.A.

Wayward Manor is coming to PC and Mac at some point.

Source: Mashable

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