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Sony Reveals New, Slimmer PS Vita


Keeping up with their trend of releasing smaller and smaller versions of their existing consoles, Sony unveiled a new redesign of the WiFi PS Vita at their pre-TGS thing.

The new model, dubbed PCH-2000, is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current Vita and has a more rounded design. The screen is also different, now an LCD one instead of the current OLED. The battery has been upgraded as well, with a reported battery life of 6 hours compared to the current 3-5. Finally, the system has a micro USB port for charging and data backup, and new power and notification indicators on the top of the system.

The new model is coming to Japan on October 10th for ¥19,929, about $200, and will be available in black, white, lime green, light blue, pink, and khaki. No word on a North American release date.

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