This Month, Let’s Watch “They Were Out Of” Movies


Let’s take a break from Omnimonths and throw ourselves back to late 90’s. It was a tumultuous time. Power Rangers was new and fresh, jean shorts were the height of fashion, and Blockbuster was a juggernaut in the home entertainment market. When we were young, we would beg our parents to take us to Blockbuster or to pick up a movie for us on their way home from work.

You see, young children who frequent this website, movies used to only come on physical media, meaning that you actually had to have a physical thing to watch a movie. Blockbuster only had so many copies of each movie, so if they were out of physical copies you couldn’t get the movie. So instead, your mom would pick up something else, saying, “Sorry sweetie, they were out of <insert popular movie here>, so I got you <insert less popular but kind of similar movie here>.”

And that’s what we’re going to be watching this month; The replacement movies. The ones that, if video stores still existed or were relevant today, your mom would pick up for you because the thing you actually wanted wasn’t in stock. Check out the schedule below, and please to enjoy.

  • November 1st – Star Trek: The Motion Picture (they were out of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek)
  • November 8th – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (they were out of Harry Potter)
  • November 15th – Shark Tale (they were out of Finding Nemo)
  • November 22nd – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (they were out of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
  • November 29th – Bridge to Terabithia (they were out of Chronicles of Narnia)

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