This Month, Let’s Watch The First and Last Episodes


Happy 2014, y’all! I got my computer fixed and we are back to doing shit. Since it is the beginning of a new year and still relatively close to the end of the last one, we thought this would be as good a time as any to do this pretty stupid theme month I came up with one night while putting off doing actual work.

January is First In/Last Out Month. Every week this month we will be watching the first and last episodes of five different TV shows we picked/thought of first that ran for longer than five seasons. Of the five we’ve chosen I’ve seen four of them from beginning to end, while Bovie has watched none all the way through… This is gonna be a long month. Anyway, check out the schedule below for what shows we’re watching and when, and please to enjoy.

  • January 10th – Stargate SG-1Smallville (since for the first week of January everything was still on fire)
  • January 17th – Lost
  • January 24th – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • January 31st – The X-Files

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