Image Announces The Wicked & The Divine


Around a week ago Image Comics held their own comic convention, Image Expo. They had a bunch of their writers and artists their to talk about the books they’re currently working on for Image, and some new blood was there to announce their new books. Of all these new books I’ve heard about, the one I’m most excited for is the new series by the team behind the new Young Avengers book.

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, who recently wrapped up their run with Young Avengers with the final issue coming out later this year, have announced a new book coming out this summer called The Wicked & The Divine. The series follows a group of gods who are reincarnated into human forms. The catch is these reincarnations only last two years before they die. Writer Gillen said of the series…

We wanted to do something new. This has gone on forever. These people speak in tongues, they perform secretive miracles. They are loved, they are hated, they are brilliant. And in two years, they are dead.

Artist McKelvie continued, saying…

I’m really excited for pushing the boundaries of what we’ve done so far. We pushed a lot of boundaries in Young Avengers, and that feels like just the start.

The first and third arcs of the series will be done by Gillen and McKelvie. The second arc, according to Gillen, “will be done by some of our awesome comic friends,” while the two of them finish the third volume of their series Phonogram

The two are excited for this new series, with Gillen saying that there are “literally no limits to what we can do.” I can’t wait for this book. I really like Gillen and McKelvie as a creative team, and the concept is a really interesting one.

The Wicked & The Divine comes out this summer.


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