Three New Anime Announced


Some new anime adaptations have recently been announced; some new,  and some returning.

Terra Formars is a sci-fi manga telling how humanity, towards the end of the 21st century, sent mold and cockroach specimens to Mars in order to jump start the life cycle on the planet. Fast forward to the 26th century, and humanity has determined the formerly red planet is rip for colonization and sends a team of scientists to the planet for study before sending a full expedition. The scientists are wiped out by hulking humanoid roaches, presumably descended from the originals sent 5oo years before. The next team sent by humanity is one made for war.

What we know is that there’s an anime and additional OVAs that have been green-lit. No word on when any of this will be out, though announcements like this are usually made within a season or two of their release.

The next new announcement concerns Appleseed and the fact that Shinji Aramaki and Joseph Chou will be rebooting the CG animated series set in Masamune Shirou’s Ghost in the Shell universe. The original manga was penned by Shirou and tells the story of Deunan Knute and her cyborg partner Briareos Hecantochires as they serve as members of the police force in Olympus, one of the few havens from the devastation of both WWIII and WWIV. The new series will predate the manga, showing the pair’s search for the city through the wasteland.

The final announcement for today is yet another series being spawned with the Legend of the Galactic Heroes brand behind it. Written by Yoshiki Tanaka, Heroes tells the tale of a galactic war, based on the historical Prussian conflicts of the 18th century. Originally aired in 1988, Heroes has had a slew of productions bearing it’s name up until the year 2000(110 OVAs and 52 side story OVA episodes), and this will be the first series in over a decade to bear the same name.

Source: Crunchyroll (Terra Formars, Appleseed, Heroes)

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