New Durarara!! Anime in the Works


Back in January it was announced that as part of Durarara!!’s 10th anniversary, the light novel series on which everything else people love about the franchise is based, would be skipping ahead in time and be getting a name change. But what wasn’t announced was a new season of the anime, something that most North American fans of the franchise have freaking the balls out over since the first season ended. Are you happy now?

The cast and staff of the original series announced this past weekend at Dengeki Game Festival 2014 that a new season of the anime is currently in the works. A bit like the light novel series, the new season will take place one and a half years after the events of the first season. Takahiro Omori will be returning as director, along with Noboru Takagi on scripts, Takahiro Kishida on character designs, and Makoto Yoshimori on score.

One noticeable group missing from the list of returning staff is Brain’s Base, the studio that did the first season as well as Baccano!. Instead animation duties will be handled by Studio Shuka, who I can’t find anything about. So the new season could have an entirely new art and animation style, or Shuka could do their best to ape Brain’s Base’s style. No reason that I could find was given for the change in studios.

Being a North American fan of the series I am definitely looking forward to this new season. It has been a damn long time since I watched the original series (it’s been at least two weeks), so this gives me some incentive to go back and revisit the show.

No broadcast date was announced for the new season.

Source: ANN

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