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SimCity Finally Getting Offline Mode


When SimCity launched last year, it was horribly marred by server issues which made the game completely unplayable. It was one of the various examples of why always online stuff in games is a terrible idea. The people at Maxis have finally gotten around to fixing this, though, with the latest update for the game.

Yesterday, the patch that Maxis announced earlier this year went live. Update 10 allows the game to be played offline and lets users mod the game. In the offline mode, the game stores data locally on your PC and requires no connection to the SimCity servers at all. The servers were taken down yesterday to implement the patch, but now everything is back up and running. If you want to get the patch and haven’t opened the game in a long time, you’ll be prompted to download the patch. Then everything will be smooth sailing assuming you want to play the game.

Source: Polygon

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