This Month, Let’s Watch Nicolas Cage Movies


Once in a generation, an actor comes along. An actor who, through sheer talent and personality, can change people’s lives with their performance. Who can turn any role into an eternally remembered character, no matter how poorly that character was initially written. For us, that actor is Nicolas Cage.

So, to celebrate the man who almost played Superman and who bought his own pyramid, we’re going to be watching a small sampling of his vast filmography. If you don’t see your favorite Nicolas Cage film on this list, don’t you worry. We’re going to be revisiting this month again and again and again. As always the full schedule is below with the links for the versions we’ll be using. Please to enjoy.

  • July 4th – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Sorry, lost the audio because my computer crapped out. But still, watch the movie. It’s a great movie. Click the link to get the official release from Amazon. Seriously, check it out.
  • July 11th – Birdy
  • July 18th – Face/Off
  • July 25th – Drive Angry 3D

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