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Afro Samurai, Back in Action


A new Afro Samurai game is in the works! A follow-up to the 2009 PS3/360 hack and slash brawler based on the anime and manga of the same name, the new game is being developed by Redacted Studios for PC and next gen consoles. The game will be published by Versus Evil (Banner Saga) and will feature an original story, improved moves and combos, multiple playable characters, as well as co-op.

The last game scored moderately well with critics and moved around 400,000 copies. The rights to develop future games in the series were retained by Senior Producer David Robinson when he left the previous developer Namco Bandai and formed Redacted Studios. The team promises that the new game will firmly establish the franchise as “the leader in dynamic dismemberment.”

Redacted Studios promise more news in the near future, so stay tuned!

Sources: Siliconera

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