Clancy Brown to Play The General in CW’s The Flash


Clancy Brown needs more work. I know that he’s constantly in stuff, but I still feel like I need more of him. And I’m going to be getting my wish this fall in CW’s The Flash.

THR is reporting that Brown has joined the cast of the Arrow spin-off show as General Wade Eiling. He will be debuting in the fifth episode of the series as the head of a black ops army trying to catch Plastique to use her as a human weapon.

General Wade Eiling, also just known as The General, is a character from the comics who most people will probably remember from Justice League Unlimited where he was voiced by J.K. Simmons. He was the guy who hated superpowered heroes so much he turned himself into a hulking monstrosity to destroy them but ended up fighting all the non-powered members of the League. It was a great episode.

The Flash is going to be premiering on October 7th on the CW.

Source: THR

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