All-New Ultimates And All-New Ghost Rider Cancelled


Solicits and rumor would suggest that more Marvel series will be coming to an end.

Marvel’s November solicitations were just released and they revealed that one of their newly relaunched series of the past year All-New Ultimates, written by Michel Fiffe of independent comic Copra fame, is ending. The solicit says…

• The beginning of an epic 3-part climax begins with the ULTIMATES’ ruthless nemesis going in for the kill!
• SPIDER-MAN’S romantic life reaches a deadly conclusion. Heartbreak + a beating = DIAMONDBACK LOVE.
• BOMBSHELL is back and ready for action — just in time to help her teammates not get picked off one by one?

If what the solicit indicates is indeed the conclusion of the series, the final issue will be released in January.

Rumors would also suggest that All-New Ghost Rider will be ending with issue 12, along with the news of artist Tradd Moore’s departure from the title which more than likely played a part in the decision to end the series.

Although I haven’t read All-New Ultimates past the first issue and can’t comment on how good the series was or how well it sold for it to end, I personally did quite enjoy this new take on Ghost Rider along with the fantastic Tradd Moore art. In keeping true to Marvel editorials decision to end most series within a year and referring to them as seasons, only to sometimes relaunch the series with a new creative team or title, this news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Source: Bleeding Cool 

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