This Month, Let’s Watch Recent Slasher Movies


Once upon a time in movies, slashers were the pinnacle of horror. The signature weapons, the iconic looks, the memorable kills, slashers were awesome. But after a certain point, slashers started to lose their luster. We’re going to be watching the ones made after that point.

For the month of October, we’re going to be watching slasher movies made after the year 2000. And there are some stipulations we made for our picks, just to limit our options for some reason. The movies we watch aren’t remakes or older classic movies, nor are they sequels that were made after the cutoff year for a pre-existing franchise. They are (purportedly) original films with no continuity ties to previous films. Thematic and creative ties, however, are free game. So, as always, the full schedule with links is below. Please to enjoy, and happy Halloween.

  • October 3rd – Smiley
  • October 10th – All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Couldn’t get this one done because of technical issues. Here’s a link to the movie on Amazon if you’re still interested.)
  • October 17th – The Collector
  • October 24th – Sorority Row
  • October 31st – You’re Next (Couldn’t get this one done because I am an idiot. If you’re still interested in seeing the movie, check it out on Amazon).

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