Marvel Teases a Bunch of “New” and New Event Books for Next Summer

If you follow comics at all, you know that Marvel loves event books. They put out event book after event book, to the point where the next event starts while the previous one is still wrapping up. It’s kind of ridiculous. But not nearly as ridiculous as things are going to get next summer if all the teaser images are to be believed.

Over the past week and a bit, Marvel has released images of nine different event books all dated Summer 2015. Of those nine, six of the books are new versions of old books. The events in question are Planet HulkHouse of MArmor WarsThe Infinity GauntletCivil War, and Old Man Logan. These announcements started shortly after it was announced we would be getting a new Secret Wars book. You can see a gallery of the images released below.

Along with these new/old event books, three new/new event books were also announced. They are Inhumans: Attilan RisingThe End (It’s another “end of the Ultimate Universe” thing), and Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies. Again, you can see the released images below.

With all of these teases and such coming out, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to care less about all of this crap. And I was right. I really don’t care. This is Marvel’s own damn fault. By having event after event and releasing almost everything about them beforehand, you give people sensory overload so that any time you try to play up an event as a big, earth-shattering thing it comes across as totally pointless because you said that about the last big event and the only thing that changed is that now somebody has a slightly different costume and people hate the X-Men a little bit more. Marvel’s events are completely hollow and mean nothing to me anymore. Well, until the next one when they do something stupid and I get mad about it.

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