Marvel Announces Black Vortex Crossover Event In February


Marvel has recently announced a crossover event called Black Vortex which will be coming out in February 2015, starting off with the first issue entitled Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Alpha #1, which will be written by Sam Humphries and drawn by Ed Mcguinness. From there the storyline will continue throughout some of  Marvels other cosmic titles including Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, The Legendary Star-Lord, All-New X-Men, Cyclops, and Captain Marvel. In an interview with, Sam Humphries had this to say of the event…

What happens when one person submits to the Black Vortex and becomes a titan of the cosmos?  What happens when a whole team does it. Or a whole planet? But against the epic scale, we’re grounding the story in the deeply personal conflict each character will go through just by encountering the Black Vortex.

Shown above is the cover art to the first issue.

Source: Marvel

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