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Assassin’s Leak: Next Game to be Set in 19th Century London


An early development trailer for the next major entry in the Assassin’s Creed series, either called or codenamed Victory, has made its way into the hot little hands of a few news outlets recently. This unintended release reveals a few tasty tidbits related to the title, and was accompanied by some additional details on the development so far.

Development for the new title is being led Ubisoft’s Quebec Studio as opposed to the mainstay in Montreal. The Quebec team does have experience though, having worked previously on expansions in AC III and IV (The Tyranny of King Washington and Freedom Cry, respectively), so they aren’t new to the series at all, but this will also mark the series’ first current-gen only title, meaning no ports to PS3 or Xbox 360.

The leaked video is said to be a “target-gameplay” demonstration built in the current AC Anvil engine and follows the protagonist through a typical romp in an assassin’s life. The player receives a mission from a woman riding in a horse-drawn carriage, but is then forced to the roof of said carriage to fight off a few of no one’s favorite Templars. He then makes his way through a crowd and into a train station where he effortlessly murders his target and makes a swift getaway.

This brief glimpse of the new environment shows much ambition on the part of Ubisoft in introducing a brand new and oft-requested Victorian London filled with life and new gameplay opportunities.  There’s the travel and interaction with the horse carriages, a possible grappling hook accessory, disguises (grabbing a bowler hat from a street vendor), as well as the familiar scattered side-quests and Templar assassinating that everyone loves so much.

An official statement was later released by Ubisoft clarifying that the video in question was indeed a leak and not intended for public consumption. They go on to express their disappointment related to this leak, but also reveal that the team has been working on the title for a few years already, and look forward to making more, formal announcements in the future.

The game is tentatively slated for release next fall, so keep an eye out for more details as they emerge.

Source: Kotaku

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