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Steam Holiday Sale Dates Revealed


We are in December right now, and if you play PC games, you know what is coming. The Steam Holiday Sale is yearly tradition of shaking us down for money with amazing deals on games we will buy and probably never install, let alone play. It’s pretty great. And now we know when the sale is set. Ready your wallets and/or purses.

Thanks to a Reddit user who received an email from Paypal Japan, we know that sale will kick off this Thursday, December 18th. From there it will run till January 2nd, at which point we will all start crying into our empty bank accounts.

I love the Steam Holiday Sale. Even though I rarely have enough money to buy anything and usually end up using money I was going to use on things like food and whatnot, it’s still great to see that our PC gaming overlords at Valve are at least benevolent overlords.

Source: Reddit, via IGN

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