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Source 2 Engine Confirmed, Free to Devs


Valve recently confirmed that their Source 2 game engine would be free to all content developers, meaning that anyone could potentially help build the next big thing in PC gaming.

The announcement came during this year’s GDC packaged along with news regarding their PC streaming tech called Steam-Link and a room-tracking VR system called “Lighthouse”.

The main goal with this move is to bolster the community’s natural desire to create new and unique content. Valve believes the biggest value in the PC market is how easy it can be for developers and gamers to generate their own content, an advantage over the usual console gaming development cycle where the general consumer is locked out of any creative aspects. Valve Software developer Jay Stelly added…

We will be making Source 2 available for free to content developers. This combined with recent announcements by Epic and Unity will help continue the PCs dominance as the premiere content authoring platform.

In addition to that great news came some tidbits regarding a couple of other projects underway at Valve. Steam-Link was reported to support low-latency 1080p resolution and 60fps and should arrive this November for around $50, with the optional Steam Controller for another $50. The other news was in regard to “Lighthouse”, Valve’s room tracking VR system. They revealed that the goal is to provide the tech to hardware manufactures to eventually be included in TVs, monitors, headsets, controllers or mobile devices.

Source: Escapist

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